Privacy Policy

Below is an outline of:

  • information that we gather on various pages of our sites
  • how it’s used, and
  • how you can “opt-out” of our email lists

We invite you to contact us if you have questions about this policy at the following address:

Exotic Publishing

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You may also contact us by email at Michelle at exoticpublishing dot com or call us at


Whenever you request a page or navigate on our site through your browser some or all data may be collected so we better understand our clients and those who are interested in our products and services. It is also needed to track our affiliate program.

The data collected could be:

  • your IP address,
  • your browser and version,
  • your operating system,
  • the date and time and
  • the site/search engine from which you came so we can use this information for research and development, anonymous user analysis, and to provide accurate statistics to our advertisers in the form of aggregated data

This information may be stored in a log file and/or database. Any login information that you enter to access our products on our site are also logged, but this information cannot be used to identify specific individuals, and is only used for:

Website and system administration for verifying clients from non clients,

The email addresses collected from purchases and subscriptions to the various products offered on our site, and requests to receive free information, are not sold, or disclosed to any third parties. These addresses will only be used by our business to send out periodic communications or offers relevant to products purchased or subscribed to. You will not receive any mailings you did not request. You can remove yourself from our list at any time by following the instructions at the bottom of every e-mail. An e-mail also goes out once you are on the list to explain to you how a list works.

There are thousands of websites which share consumer experiences with other businesses. Please be advised that we do NOT share information with anyone else, however we do maintain a website which warns others about potentially troublesome people if we encounter an unfavorable business transaction with you. We reserve the right to publish the following information which may have been gathered in the processing of your transaction: Name, city, state/province, country, e-mail address and what transpired. The three main troublesome type people are

a) people who initiate a chargeback, b) people who ignore us after they have ordered during our screening process. They refuse to adhere to our terms and conditions that stipulate we don’t offer refunds. If a refund is given, we need to be compensated for our time and service charges we have to pay. Ignoring us or refusing to pay this when a refund is issued guarantees placement on our blog. c) Lastly, the odd time we encounter mean spirited, unethical people who threaten, bully, are harming the escort industry (are hookers or pimps), etc.

With someone who signs up to our free lists or contacts us for some other reason, we also reserve the right to blog if we have a negative experience as detailed above in c). We wish to stress that simple disagreements are NOT negative experiences. However, harassing, threatening, belittling, or disrespectful conduct such as calling us names, swearing, ghetto or street trashing, having temper tantrums, starting a business relationship with us and then either disappearing, lying to us, defrauding us, or we become aware or your unethical business practices, are some examples of why a person would end up on our blog.

We use cookies on this website.  Cookies are a technology which can be used to provide you with tailored information from a website. A cookie is an element of data that a website can send to your browser, and which your browser may then store on your computer system. You can set your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie. Doing this will allow you to decide on a case-by-case basis whether to accept cookies or not.

Cookies on this site are used by ourselves, our ad management system, and occasionally by advertisers who use 3rd party ad serving solutions. Cookies are used for:

  • ad tracking,
  • customization of content (i.e. not repeating pop-up windows),
  • storing login information, and
  • statistical site-traffic analysis.

If you have questions regarding our privacy policies, or require assistance in opting out of our email lists, please contact us at Michelle at exoticpublishing dot com

We value our continued relationship with you.

Thank you

Exotic Publishing